Social media is one of the most important platforms for communication and dialogue between constituents and public officials. Even when social media is not used for direct interaction between officials and members of the public, it provides a place for members of the public to interact with each other and learn about officials' work and opinions on matters of public interest. It is one of the best ways to advocate on policy issues, especially when it comes to reaching out to our youth. Most elected officials use social media as a way to engage with the public. What makes social media an effective medium for constituents to interact with elected officials, legislators or members of Congress is the public nature of the communication.

  • Review your account.

Review your account before posting content. Make sure you have an appropriate profile picture, bio and location. Brag on yourself! Mention your credentials and job position to explain your credibility.

  • Be short and to the point.

Being brief leads to higher engagement. When writing a post regarding your elected official, include where you are from, the issue you want to discuss and your elected official’s handle.

Example: “@SenJohnDoe please help us with this issue. Broiler houses in Columbia County need to be updated and with recent weather events, disaster assistance is needed.”

  • Be personal.

As mentioned on previous pages, be sure to tell your story. Explain why a certain issue or legislation is important to you personally.

  • Include visuals.

Adding pictures or videos is likely to increase engagement with your post. You can also share visuals from Arkansas Farm Bureau’s social media accounts.

  • Positivity is key.

Negative remarks and personal attacks toward your elected official may be deleted before they even reach the official. Stay respectful and remember that you represent yourself and Farm Bureau.

  • Use resources.

Stay up to date with agricultural issues on the Arkansas Farm Bureau website:

  • Post interaction.

Timely respond to posts from your elected officials posts. Like something that you approve or respectfully comment on something you may not agree with.

  • Show gratitude.

Always remember to tell an elected official thank you when they have gone in the right direction on an issue.