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Agriculture is our state's largest industry, but what do you really know about farming and ranching?

You might recall the smiling farmers in overalls from books you read as a child or seeing cowboys at the rodeo. Maybe you have friends or family who farm, or perhaps all you know about agriculture comes from commodity reports on the evening news.

Whatever the case may be, part of the Arkansas Farm Bureau mission is to tell the "farming story." That means sharing the real stories of Arkansas farmers and ranchers, and highlighting the issues and trends that affect their livelihoods. We invite you to learn more by watching our videos, listening to our podcasts, reading our blog posts or following us in social media. If you have questions or need information from our staff of experts, we encourage you to contact us.

Arkansas AgCast for 3/30/23

On the latest Arkansas AgCast episode we cover breaking news on WOTUS, recap great news for the farm economy and much more!
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AgCast for 03/23/23

On this week’s AgCast we discuss an interesting update on Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS), more time for poultry companies to come to an agreement on the Illinois River watershed and more!
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New Muscadines

Firmer, fewer seeds, thinner skin and delicious flavor. Muscadine connoisseurs and raisers get ready for the release of two new varieties this fall from the University of Arkansas’ Fruit Research Station north of Clarksville. The fruit breeding program’s first muscadine releases will be fresh market, eating varieties developed by Dr. Margret Worthington. Insiders say the yet-to-be named diversities are more like a grape or ‘indoor fruit.’
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Gum Creek Emus

After an allergy left her unable to eat meat from mammals, Amy Hall sought an alternative protein source. Her search led to the founding of Gum Creek Emus in Logan County. A few hundred birds later, now Hall is providing an alternative protein option for herself and others who struggle with Alpha-gal syndrome.
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