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Agriculture is our state's largest industry, but what do you really know about farming and ranching?

You might recall the smiling farmers in overalls from books you read as a child or seeing cowboys at the rodeo. Maybe you have friends or family who farm, or perhaps all you know about agriculture comes from commodity reports on the evening news.

Whatever the case may be, part of the Arkansas Farm Bureau mission is to tell the "farming story." That means sharing the real stories of Arkansas farmers and ranchers, and highlighting the issues and trends that affect their livelihoods. We invite you to learn more by watching our videos, listening to our podcasts, reading our blog posts or following us in social media. If you have questions or need information from our staff of experts, we encourage you to contact us.

Rice Harvest Update with Joe Christian

A wet spring has led to a later harvest, but combines are now cranking in many Arkansas rice fields. Craighead County farmer Joe Christian says that yields are good at "around 190-200 ... Better than expected." Watch more in this update from his farm in Cash.
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Ag Econ 101 | What Ag Really Means to Arkansas

University of Arkansas Extension Economists and Assistant Professors Lawson Connor and Hunter Biram provide a short lesson on the true impact of agriculture to the Arkansas economy and explains how we compare to other southern states.
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A Visit to Cobblestone Farms

Cobblestone Farms is a non-profit organization in Fayetteville working to fight hunger in their community through sustainable agriculture. Executive director, Kelton Hays, tells us about the work that the organization does and the importance of a community-first mindset.
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