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Agriculture is our state's largest industry, but what do you really know about farming and ranching?

You might recall the smiling farmers in overalls from books you read as a child or seeing cowboys at the rodeo. Maybe you have friends or family who farm, or perhaps all you know about agriculture comes from commodity reports on the evening news.

Whatever the case may be, part of the Arkansas Farm Bureau mission is to tell the "farming story." That means sharing the real stories of Arkansas farmers and ranchers, and highlighting the issues and trends that affect their livelihoods. We invite you to learn more by watching our videos, listening to our podcasts, reading our blog posts or following us in social media. If you have questions or need information from our staff of experts, we encourage you to contact us.

Behind the Pardon: A Turkey Story

Kristin Lehman has been raising turkeys as a 4-H livestock project for several years, and has helped provide the turkeys pardoned by Gov. Asa Hutchinson for the last three years. Now she’s “passing the turkey torch” to someone new, so she sat down to tell us about her experience working with the popular poultry and being a part of a holiday tradition.
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