Public Policy

Arkansas Farm Bureau has a proven record of legislative success both within our state and at the national level. We monitor government activity, promote sound laws and regulations, initiate and support community activities and encourage grassroots activism. We are a grassroots organization and our members and volunteer leaders serve as our guide and work together to define our goals and objectives.

Laws passed successfully on behalf of farmers and ranchers include:

  • Favorable tax laws, such as property tax protection, that save farmers millions of dollars annually.
  • Sales tax exemptions for certain machinery, seed, feed, fertilizer, utilities and other inputs.
  • Funding for agriculture research and agencies that support agriculture.
  • Right-to-farm laws and the Grain Dealer Licensing Act.
  • Property rights protections for landowners.
  • Legislation advancing the positions of our membership on education, broadband expansion, animal welfare and environmental regulation.

On the national level, the organization is busy:

  • Supporting common-sense legislation on private property rights; wetlands; reinstatement of capital gains for land, livestock and timber; penalties for animal rights vandalism.
  • Working with federal agencies to protect farmers from unfair regulations.

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2023 Arkansas Farm Bureau Legislative Priorities

2021 Arkansas Farm Bureau Legislative Priorities