Talk with your elected official directly to create a more influential relationship with them. Below are some tips to help you in your conversation.

  • Explain who you are, where you are from and what you do.

Elected officials will have more of an idea as to how you are connected to them.

  • Share your relationship with them.

Explain how you may have contributed to their campaign or share positive relationships you may have with them through business or through other acquaintances.

  • Say thank you.

Show you appreciate the work that they do. Positive actions = positive responses.

  • Be clear and to the point in your discussion.

Be respectfully direct to your elected official about which path you would like them to take on a particular issue. Most will appreciate you getting to the point quickly.

  • Be personal.

Tell your story as suggested on the previous page. Give real examples as to how a certain policy affects you.

  • Remember that you are the expert.

It is the legislator’s job to represent you, so do not be timid about explaining where you stand on a certain issue.

  • Remember to listen.

In order for someone to want to listen to you, you must also be willing to listen to them. Whatever your elected official has to say will give you an idea on where they stand regarding an issue, and you can ask them questions.

  • Allow them to contact you.

Provide your contact information to elected officials, allowing them to reach out to you on a particular issue.